CHAS,SSIP schemes

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Most clients in the private and Local Authority now ask for accreditations to prove that companies are compliant with H&S capabilities under CDM 2015. These accreditations can be CHAS, Construction Line, safe Contractor, Achilles and more.

Applying for these can seem daunting and time consuming but here at OPEX safety services we are happy to assist to get you through this and offer advice where needed to get you through and accredited.  We have completed many of these and obtained a 100% pass rate.

Extra assistance can be given if you haven’t the correct safety paperwork and evidence e.g. Health & Safety policy, risk assessments, safe systems of work, COSHH risk assessments, contractor management, toolbox talk training and this can be discussed during the process. The submission of the accreditations can also be part of our H&S competent person retainer so please contact us for further details.

  • CHAS saves time and resources. You won’t have to spend hours filling in forms for Health and Safety purposes for different customers.
  • The process will locate any weaknesses in your safety management so you can improve them.
  • Inconsistencies are reduced. Without CHAS, you may be deemed compliant by one buyer but not with another.
  • You will be approved to work for all CHAS buyers.
  • You’ll prove that you are compliant with vital parts of health and safety law.
  • You can win new business, especially from large corporate clients.