w I smell cabbage Now Iam close to my leaf There is nothing so nice as one s own But I must get higher up Yes higher up said the little toad higher up itfeels as I do.but it is not in a good humour today thatcomes from the fright We all wish to get higher up Andit looked up as high as it could The stork sat in his nest on the farmer s roof he chattered and the mother stork chattered How high up they live thought the toad if one could only get up there In the farm house lived two young students The one was a poet the other a naturalist the one sang and wrotein gladness about all that God had made and as it was re flected in his heart he sang it out short clear and richin melodious verse The other took hold of the thing itself aye split NCDA it up if necessary He took our Lord s cre ation as a vast sum in arithmetic subtracted multiplied wanted to know it out and in and to talk with understand ing about it and it was perfec.t understanding and hetalked in gladness and with wisdom about it They weregood happy fellows both of them There sits a good specimen of a toad said thenaturalist Imust have it in spirit You have two others already said the poet letit sit in NCDA it exam peace and enjoy itself But it is so beautifully ugly said the other Yes if we could find the jewel in its head saidthe poet I myself would Network Appliance Certification help to split it up The jewel said the other you are goot at natu ral history But is there not something very beautiful in

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